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My name is Ralph and, in my considered opinion, I’m a perfect example of a Jack Russell Terrier. The picture above is of me as a puppy, and I believe I’m possibly only marginally less cute today (if you ignore the Queen Anne legs)…

Pet Friendly Holiday Cottage Exmoor

A bit of background…

I live at Stockham Farm, Dulverton, Exmoor with my cantakerous mother, two handsome horses, one ridiculous Sheltland pony, numerous sheep, some very large red deer, a lot of irritating pheasants, rabbits, moles, two buzzards and a couple of humans – their friends call them Ali and Jeff, but that’s not what they call each other, so it’s sometimes a little confusing.

The humans decided to move here from Kent (where I had been perfectly happy, in fact) in November 2016 and from then on they’ve done a lot of annoying things with the farmhouse – mostly involving removing the nice interesting smells in the corners of the rooms and doing what they call ‘renovating’ and ‘refurbishing’.  I was extremely helpful throughout all this time (it took them 18 months, for goodness sake) and I taught them an awful lot about digging and how to look under floorboards convincingly, like here…

They’re now very happy with what they’ve done and we now have some friendly dogs who bring their humans to stay in the Victorian Wing of the farmhouse for holidays.  I’m not exactly sure what a Victorian Wing is, but it’s the part of the farmhouse that Mother and I are not allowed to go in and it has its own front door, a huge fireplace, an enormous sofa and some really comfy beds upstairs. I’m not sure why we can’t go in there – perhaps because sometimes holiday humans come here without dogs, which my humans think is perfectly acceptable.  Baffling!

This is to be my own personal blog

I’ve decided that I’m going to write a few words on this website about what really goes on here at Stockham Farm and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it.  I imagine I’ll have to mention Mother a bit, and the horses and humans too. They’re really keen that I talk about their new project – they’re starting to ‘renovate’ the Piggery here.  I’m OK about this as it’ll be nice to have more holiday dogs and humans here, but at the moment I’m pretending to be cross as they’re doing a lot of standing around and talking – but without tea and biscuits and without much looking under floorboards yet.  Anyway, I think they’ll have to get a bit busier because I’m hoping we’ll have holiday dogs and humans here in January!

Thanks for reading – off to claim my spot in front of the Aga and put some pictures on my Instagram page: Ralph, Exmoor Jack Russell