Ralph explains the Twilight Bark on Exmoor

Hello again! If you’ve ever seen (or read) 101 Dalmatians – possibly the scariest film ever – you’ll know all about the ‘Twilight Bark’, when dog friends contact each other across the world in the early evening with top news stories to be shared from home to home.  I think it’s a bit like the Six O’Clock News that humans … Read More

Ralph introduces his mother at Stockham Farm

Hello again. I’d like to thank all the kind readers (at least two, I believe, both human) that have said nice things about my blog.  Before I write much more about the goings on at Stockham Farm, I thought it might be helpful to introduce some members of the family to you.  And my mother in particular. The picture above … Read More

Meet Ralph the Jack Russell at Stockham Farm

Hello! My name is Ralph and, in my considered opinion, I’m a perfect example of a Jack Russell Terrier. The picture above is of me as a puppy, and I believe I’m possibly only marginally less cute today (if you ignore the Queen Anne legs)… A bit of background… I live at Stockham Farm, Dulverton, Exmoor with my cantakerous mother, … Read More